I got a chance to try out Mandan's newest pizza place this week and it did not disappoint.

Introducing Fotza Mozzaroni Pizzeria.

Located inside Midway Lanes bowling alley.  I've always been a bit of a pizza connoisseur.  There was certainly something unique about this pizza pie.  To me, the tomato sauce is a make or break kind of deal with any pizza.  I really liked the taste of the sauce, it was kind of sweet and spicy if that makes sense?  The rest of the toppings were good as well.  There was something about the parmesan cheese on this pizza, and it had a garlic kick that was just perfect.  They also have beer on tap.

Rick Rider

Fotza Mozzaroni slogan is "Lotza Good".

I would say that is accurate after my first experience with their pizza.  They actually had a "soft" opening the 2nd week of February, only open for dinner.  They're now open Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 8 pm, Friday from 11 am to 11 pm during the week.  On the weekend, Fotza Mozzaroni is also open noon to 11 pm on Saturday's and noon to 8 pm on Sunday.

Fotza Mozzaroni

Fotza Mozzaroni Pizzeria also has an arcade right next to it called "Sparetime".

You can schedule birthday parties and other events with Fotza Mozzaroni, Sparetime arcade and Midway Lanes.  Just might be a good place for a "team building" event for your workplace?

Fotza Mozzaroni

You'll find Fotza Mozzaroni Pizzeria on the strip in Mandan at 3327 Memoria Highway in Mandan.


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