Thank you summer for the good times and the nice cozy 90 degrees plus weather, last Monday rolled around and, Mother Nature gave us a preview of the upcoming fall - cooler temps and the sun hid behind some rain clothes all day. The first regular-season game kicks off tonight for the National Football League. Time to put away your shorts and reach for your Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt! The promises of a brand new season and keeping track of some rookie NDSU prospects, like when Carson Wentz kicked off his first season with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2016. Wentz who had a monster career with the Bison was drafted in the first round, second overall pick showed big-time poise when he made his start September 11th against the Cleveland Browns - 278 yards passing and two touchdowns in a 29-10 win. What a day for Carson, Philadelphia, and all of North Dakota.

Now that Carson has established himself as a leader, he probably doesn't have that exciting feeling anymore when it comes to opening day right? Wrong! With the help of his 5-month old daughter Hadley - literally involved with his one-armed reps ( See Facebook picture enclosed ) he and his family are fired up to kick-off week one at Washington. In a recent article from "Let's Fly" Wentz said "Looking at what we have for me, distributing the ball quick. Get it in the playmakers' hands and let them make plays, trusting what I see. I feel good with where we're at"

Good Luck Carson Wentz - North Dakota's Very Own!