Whatever happened to the old days when a doctor was a REAL doctor? I mean come on Dr. Phil? Take a dose of dignity, and do your homework. Quit with the diarrhea of the mouth, and try THINKING before you speak. He is not a licensed therapist, yet he gives the illusion that he is. Just recently, Mr. Quak compared the coronavirus to people losing their lives to cigarettes, car accidents, and get this, swimming pool victims. The point he was trying to make was that our economy is failing because of our shut-down, and yet the idiotic fatalities stats he mentioned didn't close down our country. The ONLY point made clear, was at the top of his head.

There have been other social media "Medics" that have made the news recently-Fox News has brought on Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Dr. Phil. Each nut-bag has expressed their opinions and raised criticism for their comments. The part that puts me off, is that there are people who listen to those that pretend they are more than they really are. That can be damaging, as far as I'm concerned. Click here for more on the loony trio.

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