This story goes out to all the golfers past and present. To those here in town that plays on the weekends, or maybe play every day. From the high schools to colleges that field teams with budding superstars on the links, to the recreational hacker that kicks his or her ball out onto the fairway - Even the retired champions from the US Open to the Masters - We all have something in common which is complete awe over a new kind of machine - a robot-like dude that CRUSHES the ball further than anyone on the planet, then makes spectacular short shots look easy - This New kind of player that nobody has ever seen the likes - his name is Bryson DeChambeau. This 27-year-old freak just recently captured the US Open title - His strategy is simple, to be stronger, to utilize speed and power better than anyone in the world, and completely dominate the sport.

This is not your traditional golfer by any means. The past year his mindset and body have changed drastically. During a fairly recent three-month layoff forced by COVID-19, his idea with a new formula, adding twenty pounds to add mass and speed for the chance to drive the ball a great distance - as in 340 yards off the tees - all of this he had worked on in his laboratory-like a cunning scientist. His weight and strength increased, and there he was putting his new strategy to work. Several golf pros that were cynical about his training a year ago, are completely blown away - one such individual commented that changed the game of golf completely. This is really a story about a man so dedicated and driven with a whole new way of training, playing the game mentally and physically, throwing everything into his plan, and seeing mind-boggling results.

The scary part thing, for professional golfers around the whole world,    this man may never lose again. For more on this story click here.


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