An unusual topic for sure, but with temperatures soaring to 80 degrees...out come them BOXELDER BUGS! What is their deal and why do they love hanging on the walls outside your house basking in the sun? And, where were they before?

So the cover picture doesn't help identify the classic b-bug - today I took a shot of this guy around my house. He had that white mark on him before, no bugs was harmed in the photographing of this article. So do you recognize him? He was very slippery. So, where do boxelder bugs come out of and where do they go?

And they're mostly harmless, so why do you hate them so much? Do you hate ladybugs as well?

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No you don' all.

Ok boxelders, let's work on your public relations.

Apparently, according to this link, if you suck them up with a vacuum cleaner you should be fine, unless they crawl dump contents immediately. It's crawling with angry boxelder bugs.

Here's the part boxelder haters don't want to, but should hear...

You’re probably afraid of this, so we should just come right out and say it. Yes, it’s possible the box elders are sheltering in your home this winter. During fall, box elders congregate around warm areas, such as glass windows or walls with sunny exposure. As they congregate, they also spread across these surfaces. While spreading, they may find a small access point they can use to get inside a structure. The box elders inside your home this winter have likely crammed themselves into places you’d never find them

So, that's where they go and start crawling around your house on a warm winter's day.  But, so do ladybugs right? They pop up at the weirdest time too, but we think we're "lucky" to find a winter ladybug.

When I was a kid, during some years on the way to school, there were boxelder bugs crawling on an a boxelder tree in the afternoon sunshine.  You could literally pick them up by the handful.  That said, here's a website that tries to help you get them out your house.

I like them, because, just when we think we're going into our fall/winter cocoons, THESE GUYS come out to celebrate the season!  We oughta be happy to see them!

Don't Be Hating.  Be well.

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