Cold and windy in Frisco, Texas the tailgate lot was full of both NDSU and JMU fans. Both teams evenly matched, it's the game everyone has been waiting for. Quarter one both teams picked up a touchdown to leave the score 7-7. Quarter two NDSU got off to a quick start to get them the lead 14-7. JMU marched up the field and NDSU's defense was able to hold JMU to a field goal to make the game 10-14. NDSU went back down the field and was held short and was forced to kick a field goal. Instead of kicking the field goal, NDSU went for the fake field goal and went all the way for a touchdown. The touchdown gave NDSU the lead 21-10. JMU leaped down field and got held by NDSU defense, and went for the field goal and missed to leave the score 21-10. At the end of the first half NDSU leads JMU 21-10.

NDSU recieved the ball to start the second half, they were held to three and out and almost turned the ball over, due to a low snap. The third quarter was back and fourth with JMU having the only score. The score at the end of the third was 21-13. NDSU got off to a fast start in the fourth quarter, with a running touchdown from quarterback Trey Lance. That brought the score to 28-13. JMU put the after burners on and came back to score a touchdown to put the score at 28-20. After the touchdown it was back and fourth between the two teams. JMU on the final play got down to the three yard line. JMU had plenty of time to get a touchdown and threw an interception with two seconds left. NDSU took a knee to finish the game out with a final score of 28-20. This win puts NDSU at 37 consecutive wins. Total attendance for the game was 17,866.

Trey Lance's awards in his first year as quarterback for NDSU, Walter Payton Award, Jerry Rice Award, Missouri Valley Conference Freshmen of the Year, Missouri Valley Conference Newcomer of the Year, Missouri Valley Conference Offensive Player of the Year. Trey Lance is the first freshmen to recieve the Walter Payton Award. NDSU defensive player Derrek Tuszka was named Defensive Player of the year. NDSU Head Coach Matt Entz was named Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year.

JMU Head Coach and Players

JMU Head Coach and Players

NDSU Head Coach and Players


NDSU in Frisco
NDSU B-52 Bomber from Minot Airforce
NDSU after the win