This week, news broke that McDonald's has a secret menu so we decided to have Scott Mann try some of the most extreme sandwiches available. 

A McDonald's manager from Scotland confirmed on Reddit AMA what many hoped to be true, Mickey D's has a secret menu. These items are generally called 'grill orders.' They are made up of items McDonald's already carries on their menu and if you ask nicely, they may assemble one of these delicious combinations for you.

We looked through items from and chose the following sandwiches for Scott Mann to try:

  • Mc10:35 - This is one of the most difficult items to order because you have to be there in time to catch the end of breakfast and the beginning of lunch. Stack an Egg McMuffin on top of a McDouble and you have the perfect brunch.
  • McGangBang - Can't decide between a McDouble and McChicken? Order both and stick the chicken sandwich in between the McDouble patties.
  • Land, Sea & Air Burger - This is the ultimate combination of three McDonald's favorites. This sandwich is made up of a McChicken, McDouble and Filet-O-Fish. Put the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties inside the McDouble with however many buns you want.

The McDoubles can be substituted for a Big Mac if you are extra hungry!

Some of the other interesting menu items include the McCrepe, Chicken McGriddle, and the Monster Mac. Get adventurous and order one of these secret menu items or invent your own!

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