North Dakota, do you think there's even such a thing as a bad dog?

Maybe mischievous, misguided, mishandled, or just missed snack time.

So if you've got a puppy that's a bit of a handful the all new PAWZ Enrichment Center could be just the ticket   Here's my six month old pupper Daisey being polite while my old man Brody steals her bone.  Actually she's a "herder" by nature, so moments later took the bone back and corralled poor Brody across the room.  So she's got a lot to learn and I'll see if Brenda and I can just keep loving her into shape.

But if your dog needs to learn some "new tricks",  PAWZ could be a great option..

According to their website PAWZ Enrichment Center bases their curriculum on Levels Training.

Levels Training introduces new skills to you and your dog while continuing to practice previous skills with more and more distractions.  Although each level has specific skill requirements which must be met prior to moving on to the next level, you progress through the levels at your own pace which makes it more fun for everyone.  The flexible structure enables you to attend more classes on your own schedule.

KFYR TV talked with owner Jan Joersz about her plans for PAWZ.  Jan has over 25 years experience in dog training, and for the past two years had been considering opening a training center.  What made this such a good time?  Well, many people adopted animals during the pandemic when many families were still at home.  Now that we're back to school and back to work, Jan figured it was the perfect time to get dog and owners on the same page. Brenda and I had a similar situation when Daisy was returned to the rescue after the family went back to work. Whatever the circumstances, I don't care it got her home with us.

So hopefully PAWZ Enrichment Center can make your home a more peaceful and fulfilling place for all involved.

During the Grand Opening Saturday March 27, 2-6 PM and again Sunday March 28, 1-6 PM, there'll be a facility tour, prize drawings and of course treats!  Masks and social distancing required.  They're located at 3215 East Broadway Bismarck.


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