Hey we live in North Dakota, no little snow here and there will keep us from our usual rounds. That being said from a goofy looking radio guy (me), we awoke to some snow this morning. Of course now we are in April, and most around the country are basking in warmer weather, but the first thing I was told, when I moved away from San Diego 6 years ago, "It can snow in April ya know". Well that's a pretty lame April Fools joke I thought to myself.

Today is April 2nd, and NO JOKE, we got hit with some blistery, snow this morning. Some of the things I have learned to appreciate is, they do an excellent job of keeping the roads as safe as possible. The Bismarck Roads and Streets Department had some work to do, mainly making sure emergency routes and majoy streets were attended to. I find it easy to take for granted, that our roads are clear all year round. That's a compliment to our city workers.There are some city ordinances that need to be observed, read about them here.