There are certain things in life that most of us have been through, that really HURT. A throbbing toothache that kept you awake all night, a post-Christmas credit card bill, a broken heart. Sure those things really sting, but NOTHING brings you down quicker than a car that resembles a squashed lemon. How many times have we been defeated by an automobile? I came across a post on a local Facebook group that I instantly related to, and felt her anguish 100%.

Patty lives here in Bismarck - Her retired parents, living on a fixed income were blindsided back in July of last year - in Green Bay - their car was a wreck. SO Patty went on to say that "her parents bought a used car ( a 2013 GMC Acadia ) from a dealer here in town 9 months ago. The Dealer claimed nothing was wrong with it. Since then they have had nothing but problems". Uh oh. We've all been there before, when the pivotal part of this sad story comes into play - Where people will always say, after the fact, "Well did you have a mechanic look it over before you bought it?" Her father is pretty "mechanically inclined" and extremely trusting of others - Here lies the danger -  Replaced struts, new battery, new alternator, new serpentine belt but still keeps dying saying issues with battery recharging system, traction control malfunction, and still smells of exhaust inside. The Dealer refuses to help at all and even told them the smell was in their head.

I wish I could paint a happy ending, but there is more. Her parents drove back to Green Bay to spend time with family members last Friday - They arrived safely. There was one problem though, they had to drive back - Yesterday the car died just 40 miles after they made their return trip back - Stranded in Wittenberg Wisconsin, her parents are heartbroken, dejected, and demoralized. This is all thanks in part to someone who obviously doesn't do their job very well at all.

Talking to Patty on the phone, she told me how "extremely frustrated" she is - all she wanted was a dealer to "Do right by them" and for her parents to be safe and protected. Now they are spending money they don't have, forced to stay at some rotten hotel, miles from Bismarck.

Lemons belong on a tree, NOT on the highway.