Before Bismarck's new Northwoods League baseball team can take the field, they need a name and they've whittled possibilities down to three.

Back on July 11th, fans were given five different names that they were able to vote on, one of which would become the Bismarck team's official name.

After more than 500 votes, two of the options were eliminated: The Bismarck Baldies and the Bismarck Bigfoot. That leaves three choices left, including the Bismarck Bullies, Bismarck Flickertails, and Bismarck Larks.

The team took to their website to explain what you can expect, dependent on what team name you choose, including what type of mascot you'd see roaming the stadium and what sorts of colors you might expect the team to wear. You can see the team's full breakdown of each choice HERE.

You can vote for the name you'd like until August 14th. The team's official name and logo, based on your votes, will officially be revealed at a kickoff event in the fall.

For more information on Bismarck's Northwoods League baseball team, visit the team's official website HERE.