I was listening to the "Free Beer And Hot Wings" show this morning on 96-5 The Fox, my ears perked up (have you ever seen someone when the ears are perked? NO Spock doesn't count) when the conversation shifted to tipping - opinions were tossed around, and some took the stance of not leaving a dime, and a few proceeded to mention that they ALWAYS tip.

To Tip OR Not To Tip - The Great Debate.

You can break this down a bunch of ways - when you order out, and it's delivered to you by a service that picks up orders from different restaurants all over Bismarck/Mandan - you probably leave the driver a tip - BUT does the place that made your food get anything out of that?

I prefer to make it as direct as possible

If I choose to call in an order, and swing by and pick it up, I WILL tip every time. Some people don't leave a dime - their opinion is that THEY weren't waited on, and there is nothing to putting a to-go order together. I disagree - the cook still prepares your meal for you, someone still has to assemble your order and make sure it's right. I don't like having someone outside the restaurant deliver my food.

When someone is doing a service for you - who to tip and once again who NOT to

Let's say you just had your oil changed here in town, do you tip? I do. It's my way of showing my appreciation. How come then when I drive thru a fast food place, I don't even think about leaving a tip? My sister leaves a $5.00 bill on the pillow of her hotel room when she leaves for the day - that's her tip to the cleaning service person that just does their job.

Some businesses discourage tips

Until recently, there was a business in town that had no tip jar available at the counter - the employer told me that the store owner thought "it looked tacky" - That opinion of course is up to them - I would always combat that by saying "I found a couple of bucks on the floor, I'm just going to leave it right here". I feel much better about myself showing my gratitude that way - to each is own. I'm quite sure you have your theories on tipping.

Finally, you just won a FREE pizza, do you tip?

Let's say you won a contest, and someone mailed you a gift certificate for one FREE pizza from a restaurant - you decide to go in, sit down at the bar, or table - drink water and eat your FREE pizza, then walk out feeling content and full, and not a dime did you leave. SHAME ON YOU!