There was a moment about three weeks ago that stopped me in my tracks. I just arrived here at work at our studios in Mandan on a comfortable morning, got out of my car, and saw a dazzling tiger colored butterfly on the ground. I stood there for a second hoping it was alive, reached down, and scooped it up gingerly on to the palm of my hand. I even proceeded to take it upstairs to my office, where I gently laid it on its side - for a split second, I pondered the thought of mouth-to - proboscis resuscitation. For some reason,  I still have that butterfly - The design and beauty of one of God's designs are truly remarkable. Ironic that Kori B. from our sister station Hot 97.5 was out there the day I came across the butterfly, and today she passed this cool story on to me - KXNET reported that "The Bismarck Park District is participating in a 10-day national event for people to discover the pollinators and wildlife in their areas. Called “BioBlitz,” participants will use a phone app called ‘iNaturalist” to photograph and upload images of plants, insects and animals they see in and around their community".

You can be a part of the national "Park for Pollinators" campaign and it runs September 2oth until the 30th. To participate, simply download the iNaturalist app and register. Then go to to join the project in the Bismarck area. A map and more information are available at the link. For more on this story click here.


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