If you've been following this site for a few months, you'll remember the story we told you about awhile back in which a Washington woman killed her boyfriend using her boobs. Well, it turns out this wasn't a one time thing because a woman in Germany also tried to kill her boyfriend with her boobs!

A German woman named Karin Hoffer is accused of trying to smother her boyfriend with her boobs. Luckily, her boyfriend got away. Unluckily, Hoffer decided to use her hands instead of her boobs the second time.

What is this world coming to?! Boobs are supposed to be these magical entities that do good...not evil! Please, ladies, please stop using your boobs to try and kill us. Why not try poison like your ancestors?

(Note: Kate Upton has absolutely nothing to do with this post. She's just really attractive, her boobs are awesome, and people seem to click any link that features her.)