An Allegiant Airlines flight from Las Vegas was forced to make an emergency landing at Fargo's Hector International Airport recently, after it missed its scheduled arrival time by one hour.

According to CBS, the airport was closed to allow the Blue Angels to practice before this past weekend's Fargo AirSho.

In the video above, you can hear the Allegiant pilot pleading with the airport tower to let him land, as the plane only had a few minutes of fuel left and diverting the flight to Grand Forks wasn't an option.

Because of the Blue Angels' scheduled practice, the airport had informed the FAA and all airlines that the airport would be closed, thus leading to flights having scheduled arrival times. The Allegiant flight from Las Vegas departed one hour late, meaning it missed it's scheduled arrival time, leading to this fiasco.

Luckily, the Blue Angels were able to move to a holding area and the flight was able to land without issue.

Allegiant released the following statement regarding the incident, as reported by CBS:

At this time, we are coordinating with the FAA and the airport to investigate all channels of communication regarding the flight and the circumstances leading to the declaration of emergency.

This is not the first issue Allegiant has faced this summer. Just a few weeks ago, pilots accused the airline of cutting costs that were putting passengers safety into question.