You know the old saying "I'll Take a Bullet For You", well Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter is doing just that-a five million dollar bullet. The coronavirus has pretty much put a halt on businesses all over the world. The sporting scene has been hit hard also. The NCAA basketball tournament CANCELLED. Local high school, college athletes at a stand-by. Nothing seems to have been spared through all of this COVID-19 madness. We are seeing innovative ways that some establishments are grinding through this mess. Restaurants offering drive-thru options, delivery services are quite busy these days. The cold reality is, that the unemployment rate has skyrocketed.

Major League Baseball WAS in full swing until the traditions of spring training were struck down by the virus. With an empty ballpark and out of work Marlin employees, Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, with his bulletproof vest on, stepped up to the plate yesterday and announced he will be giving up his salary during the coronavirus pandemic. Talk about a team player. For more on this click here.


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