Today was a special day for all of us, those that remember watching the two planes disappear into the World Trade Center Towers with disbelief. A sunny beautiful Tuesday morning in New York City shattered, and as the time crept by that day, Americans were flooded with fear, anxiety, shock, and devastation. The body count at 2,977 souls lost - all in part to terrorism. A picture that is etched in my mind is that of President George W.Bush in the middle of a classroom filled with second-graders - someone from his staff leaned over and whispered the daunting words that the United States was under attack.

That was September 11, 2001 - A day to never forget. Today here in Bismarck the Annual Brats With The Brave was held at the RJB Armory on Miriam Avenue. Christine Nelson was there helping direct all the volunteers, sack lunches were made consisting of delicious brats! There was painting happening on some homemade sign made with love, there was a gigantic North Dakota National Guard archway constructed for those who were served in the cars as they drove up, and there were people of all ages - gathered to remember that terrible day, to reflect on just how clear the memories still are in our head. I thanked every man and woman in uniform for their service, something my mom taught me as a child. I'm proud of our country and grateful for those that put their life on the line every day to keep us safe.