There are a million reasons why parents worry about their children. Some kids make an attempt to stay out of trouble, for the most part, then there are the curious ones, who waddle off to explore causing headaches and ulcers from mom and dad. I'm from San Diego, and I have absolutely no idea what it must be like to live on a farm. I was a kid once, I can remember wandering off across the cul de sac, playing hide and go seek until my dad I wasn't upstairs in my room. My experience with animals growing up was having a ton of cats and a couple of dogs, maybe an occasional goldfish ( which always died fairly young - since everyone kept overfeeding it ). Now as an adult, living in Bismarck North Dakota, I have cat boxes that are pummeled daily by two overfed cats. So in a nutshell, my knowledge about animal dung is minimal. I guess the real expert on animal waste would be Carter Douvier ( almost two years old  ) from Stearns County.

This young adventure seeker had the lovely misfortune of disappearing during his chores. He had a notion to see what the farm's liquid manure pit was all about. Somehow, someway this stinky bubbling poo pool lured him over. One can only wonder what went through his mind as he slowly started to sink into the smelly sauna. I'm sure his proper upbringing stopped him from blurting out "S**T". His parents spotted him as his arm and leg were being sucked in. As Carter continued to submerge slowly, a firefighter's heroic rappel down a wall into the dangerous dunk mirk. The boy was saved, everyone breathed ( from way, way, way, away from the danger zone ) a sigh of relief, Carter escaped injury, and I'm guessing he had a bath or two shortly after. For more on this story click here.


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