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Minor League Ballpark Installs Urinal Video Games
As a guy, using the restroom at a ballpark is pretty simple. You walk in, choose your urinal based on what other urinals are in use, and you do your business with your eyes forward at all times. One minor league ballpark wants to make your restroom trip a little more enjoyable, though.
Real Life Bart Simpson Appeared Before a Judge Named Mr. Burns
Last year a man from England named Bart Simpson was arrested for having a firearm in an airport. Simpson is 56, so you can't blame his parents for giving him the kind of name that would result in ridicule and, eventually, a life of crime. ('The Simpsons' has been on for that long. It only seems like…
Amsterdam’s Oldest Prostitutes Announce Retirement
Amsterdam is synonymous with sex and drugs. Basically, everything is legal in Amsterdam, including the world's oldest industry: Prostitution. Unfortunately, if you were planning a trip to Amsterdam to "visit" the city's oldest may want to change your pla…
Woman Arrested for Flashing Security Camera
Here we are again...Another post about boobs. Luckily, this time around I'm not telling you about a woman suffocating a guy with her boobs, though. Nope...this boob-related story is about a woman in New Jersey who was arrested for flashing a security camera.
Man Suing Temp Agency After Slicing His Junk Off
Thankfully, I've never worked a job where my penis and testicles were in danger of being cut off but, I guess, there are jobs in which that may happen. Unfortunately for Edgardo Toucet...that exact scenario played itself out and now he's suing the temp agency that gave him the job.
Man Claims Stolen Beer Is His Wiener
In a wicked world of dishonest boozehounds and ripple junkies, one should never be too surprised by the size of the cojones on these shifty characters; that is, unless the bulge in their pants carries a striking resemblance to a couple cans of beer. At that point, you can rest assure that you are be…

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