This Pet Duck Is Thrilled To See His Owner [FBHW]
There's that saying that a dog is man's best friend, but this duck is here to tell you that ducks can be your best pal, too.
Watch as this pet duck patiently waits in the front seat of the car as kids get off the school bus, awaiting the arrival of his owner. When he finally sees his buddy,…
Gay Lovers Get Some Awkward News On Television [FBHW]
There are a lot of things in life that maybe would be better off never having been discovered or known by the people involved. Add in to that the idea of finding it out on a televised program, and you have a recipe for a lifetime of awkwardness and disaster.
These poor guys just wanted to find out so…
Eric Zane Tries the Charlie Charlie Challenge [FBHW]
Yesterday on the show, we mentioned the Charlie Charlie Challenge where kids would apparently try to summon a Mexican demon.
After talking about it again today on the show, Zane decided to give it a shot himself in studio while on the air to see if he could summon his own, personal demon.
We Remember How Ridiculous Zane’s Tattoo Is [FBHW]
On the show this morning, Zane was telling us about how his son, Jim, wants to get a tattoo of his son's name on his forearm.
Zane was trying to talk him out of it, saying that people would judge him down the road and that he may not get a job because of the tattoo placement. Now, this struck al…

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