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Morton County AG Day Recap
So yesterday was Morton county Agriculture day or AG day and a fun time was had by all! Here's a recap:
Why Are There So Many Super Hero Films ?
As reports have just come out, Spike Lee is about to get his first superhero movie with Night Watch and as an avid movie goer I threw up my hands. Really ? ANOTHER Superhero movie ??? Here's why .
NFL Cuts : How Do You Deal with It
So we are at the stage of the season that has all of our favorite teams cutting big name players . So how do we deal with it emotionally ?
Bismarck -Mandan, this is why Airbnb is so cool
In this day and age , we live in an App world where everything we need is at our fingertips. Getting a hotel or a place to stay while on vacation is no different so here is the story about Airbnb.
ND's Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor
If you ever wondered the favorite Jelly Bean Flavor of North Dakota, this blog has the answer and the psychology around it.