I'll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about fashion...and even less about women's fashion. For example, over the weekend I saw a girl wearing what I can only assume was a sweater backwards. That doesn't even make sense. Let's be honest, ladies, some of your fashion decisions are awful. However, you could make up for all of your past indiscretions by purchasing this: the bubble-wrap bikini!

For approximately $21.70, you can purchase the bubble-wrap bikini on Etsy from BlackBettysVintage. So, it's probably a lot cheaper than any other bikini you've ever purchased, though I bet it covers a lot less too...And I'm OK with that.

Oh, and if you're full chested...you may want to hold onto your money. The bikini has, as BlackBettysVintage puts it, "smallish cups, but does it really matter?" No, Betty...No it doesn't.